Improving Your Workouts

No one needs more excuses to not exercise. We can all come up with plenty of seemingly good reasons to not exercise. But opting to not be physically active can be detrimental and contribute to deteriorating health.

Here are some tips to consider while working out in your Lima OH health club to avoid any potential problems, especially headaches, which can keep you away from the gym:

If you’re participating in an intense activity like strength training you shouldn’t be holding your breath the entire exercise or set. If you find yourself getting a headache during or immediately after you exercise then check your breathing. If you can’t breathe while engaging in your strength training then it’s too difficult or you’re doing it incorrectly. For strength training you should be able to comfortably lift/move the weight for up to 15 repetitions. Remember, it’s just as important to focus on your breathing through the exercise as it is to conduct the actual exercise. In order to maximize the movement of oxygen to your muscles it’s necessary to exhale when you’re lifting and inhale when you’re lowering your weight. If you can’t do this you may need to decrease the amount of weight you’re lifting.

If you’re getting headaches later in the day, perhaps hours after your workout, you may have not made the exercise connection. What may be the culprit is skipping your warmup. If you’re jumping right on the treadmill and running as soon as you get to the gym, then your body may not be able to compensate for the surge in blood flow. The headache may not catch up to you until later in the day so begin incorporating warm ups into your exercise routine to try eliminating these pesky headaches altogether.

Getting your daily dose of exercise in is vital. Doing your exercise the right way is important to your trainer. Touch base with a gym staff member or a personal trainer for hands on tactics that can help you improve your performance in the gym while being more efficient. You’ll see that time spent in the gym is no longer a sacrifice but a way to enhance all the other parts of your life.


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