Keeping Fit While Pregnant

The old school of thought was that pregnant women shouldn’t exercise because it wasn’t safe for her and not safe for the baby. The exertion could cause problems and potentially hurt the pregnant mother or unborn child. Today we know that moderate exercise and strength training are good for pregnant women and can even make labor and delivery easier, less painful and can speed recovery post delivery.

Some tips to consider as you head into a fresh new routine at your local Lima OH fitness center:

Eat Extra Calories. For most women, there’s no need to overdo it and add sundaes, hamburgers or the like to your diet. Think healthy and balanced, rich in protein and nutrients. About an extra 300 extra calories a day is enough for most pregnant women but check with your healthcare provider before you begin any type of nutrition program.

Stay Away From Contact Sports. If you’re into roller derby, football or soccer then you should consider sports that don’t risk high contact or potentially dangerous activity. In your gym using the treadmill, elliptical, bike or swimming are all safe activities that can help keep you fit. Save the rough housing for post baby time.

Warm Up And Dress Appropriately. Warming up for exercise during pregnancy is just as important as any other time where you would warm up your muscles. While your exercise may not be as strenuous, it’s vital to prepare your body for the exercise that’s coming. And while you’re preparing to head out to the gym, consider dressing in layers of light, breathable cotton that can be removed as you get warmer.

Staying fit will always be important but staying active while pregnant can benefit you and your baby to be with the addition of a more tolerable delivery perhaps.


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