Choosing To Change

Now that school is back in session it’s time for parents who have potentially neglected themselves all summer to check in for some “me time.”

Whether you’ve neglected yourself intentionally or just got overlooked in all of the fun of summer, now that you have some unscheduled time, it’s a good idea to use it and make some valuable additions to your daily routine.

Hit The Gym. Your Lima OH exercise center is just waiting for you to show up. Don’t get bogged down with huge goals, nutrition overhauls or mind bending classes just take it one step at a time. Your local gym is set up for people just like you. People who need to make some time for themselves and know where to go but don’t know what to do. A personal trainer or even a gym representative can give you a tour and show you how to get started. Finding an activity you like won’t be hard just make a point of showing up and then follow your interests.

Focus On Food. While summer crops wind down, maximize flavor and nutrition in your meals and snacks by using fresh produce. Your local farmer’s market or grocery store will have a good variety still. If you have a little time at the beginning or end of each week, then do a little meal planning. Selecting meals and snacks for the week can make shopping easier and eating healthy easier. Think fresh, lean and whole. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be a staple. Lean meats, proteins or meat substitutes can give you a main course to plan the meal around. Whole grains can be a good source of vitamins and fiber. The healthy bulk will help you feel full too.

Don’t Fixate. Whether it be calorie counting or workout minutes don’t fixate on what you aren’t doing. Focus on what your goals are and what you’re getting accomplished and then keep pushing. If you can get your family or a friend on board, even better. You can encourage each other and stay focused on the prize of good health and a little “me time” together. Good health doesn’t happen overnight but making a choice for change can make a radical difference immediately.


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