Summer Nutrition Know How

Keeping your nutrition and calorie intake in check for the summer can be challenging with warm weather barbecues, cold desserts and late nights filling both the menu and the calendar. While some foods can really sabotage your weigh-ins others can boost your daily nutritional intake and help you maintain a healthy weight.

So, what are some foods you should count on for a healthy and flavorful summer?

Summer Fruits. Cantaloupes, watermelon, berries and citrus fruits are plentiful in your local markets. These tasty fruits are full of antioxidants which may combat heart disease and degeneration of the cells while helping to fight off the common cold. They are also fibrous which can help alleviate constipation. If you’re worried about your water intake each day, eating these fruits can help you reach your daily requirement because they are so full of water. These fruits are also low in calories so you can satisfy that sweet tooth with something nutritious that won’t sacrifice your waist line.

Summer Vegetables. Whether it’s kale, peppers, lettuce or squash (take your pick), summer veggies are robust with flavor, vitamins and minerals. You can make a meal out of a squash and salad or complement an entree with a plate full of roasted, grilled or raw vegetables. Whether you season them lightly, grill them profusely, mince or shred they are the perfect mate to any type of food. And while they are in season you’ll be lucky enough to enjoy them at their tastiest.

Summer Protein. You may prefer tofu over a good burger but whatever your preference you can find a lean option that can meet your need for iron and protein. You may know that your lima OH personal training calls for protein to replenish your body after a good work out and can help you stay energized throughout the day.

Finding the right combination of proteins, fruits, vegetables and whole grains can really kick start your nutrition overhaul and keep you feeling great whether at the gym, work or school.


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