Stay In The Gym This Summer For A Primed Metabolism

We all know that regular visits to your local Lima OH fitness center will boost your metabolism. The combination of cardiovascular activity and strength training can up your metabolism making a difference in your physique and how your body manages your food intake.

With summer right on our heels, most of us are thinking swimsuit season. So, how can you boost your metabolism with flavorful summer foods?

Eat lean protein vegetables. Vegetables like kale, spinach, broccoli and red peppers are all bright in color and robust with nutrition. Complement these healthy vegetables with high quality lean protein like chicken, turkey, tofu, fish or eggs. These will keep you feeling fuller longer so you won’t be crashing an hour after you’ve eaten.

Avoid simple simple sugars and sugar burnout. Losing weight can be a real challenge when blood sugar levels are too high and this in turn creates a craving for more sugar. Avoid simple sugars along with artificial sweeteners which sometimes can be low in calories but still create a taste for sweet foods. If you can break the cycle of eating sweets and needing sweets you can replace those empty calories with more nutritious foods.

Aim to maximize digestion. Chew your food well, eat in a calm environment and don’t be in such a rush that you forget to breathe. If you can make the time that you are eating your food maybe not relaxing but at least not hurried and stressful it will aid your entire digestive process.

All of these tips will help promote a functional and improved metabolism worthy of swimsuit weather and all things summer. When you can pick your own fresh foods and cook at home for the healthiest versions of mealtime.


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