Year Long Fitness Can Be Easy

Getting fit for fall isn’t something that comes to mind as naturally as fitting into that summer swimsuit feeling that hits around early spring. Getting into shape really has no season or time frame-it’s a year around one size fits all event.

Getting into shape couldn’t be more beautiful than fall. The gold, orange and red hues remind us that summer is over and winter is right around the corner. But just because the shorts and swimsuits get put away doesn’t mean you have permission to indulge in comfort food and sit on the couch for 4 months. It means it’s time to utilize the shorter daytime hours to get in the gym, meet up with your Lima OH personal trainer and get comfortable in your own skin-regardless of the season.

Once you find your way to a gym then get connected with a trainer who can help you get familiar with your body. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can help you identify the areas you need work in and what activities may be a good fit for you. Getting comfortable in the gym isn’t just about finding a little corner to hideout in but about learning how to use the equipment you now have access to. Let’s face it, gym equipment can look foreign, intimidating and sometimes other worldly but once you know how to use it and what it can do for your body it becomes a tool for a stronger body.

After you know what you’re doing and how to do it then getting involved in classes, activities or group fitness can help you stay engaged, meet new people and build confidence. You’ll find there are a variety of ways to get fit and have fun like Total Body Boot Camp, Kettlebell or Kickboxing.

Finally, just show up. Don’t let other things crowd out your own personal health goals. Find a healthy balance and schedule it into your calendar just like any other important appointment. You’ll find that after you make it a part of your regular schedule it naturally becomes a habit you adapt to and plan around.

Now that fall weather is nearing, don’t let sweater weather land you on the couch. Stay motivated and get plugged in at your local gym so you can sport a healthy strong body all year long.


Improving Your Workouts

No one needs more excuses to not exercise. We can all come up with plenty of seemingly good reasons to not exercise. But opting to not be physically active can be detrimental and contribute to deteriorating health.

Here are some tips to consider while working out in your Lima OH health club to avoid any potential problems, especially headaches, which can keep you away from the gym:

If you’re participating in an intense activity like strength training you shouldn’t be holding your breath the entire exercise or set. If you find yourself getting a headache during or immediately after you exercise then check your breathing. If you can’t breathe while engaging in your strength training then it’s too difficult or you’re doing it incorrectly. For strength training you should be able to comfortably lift/move the weight for up to 15 repetitions. Remember, it’s just as important to focus on your breathing through the exercise as it is to conduct the actual exercise. In order to maximize the movement of oxygen to your muscles it’s necessary to exhale when you’re lifting and inhale when you’re lowering your weight. If you can’t do this you may need to decrease the amount of weight you’re lifting.

If you’re getting headaches later in the day, perhaps hours after your workout, you may have not made the exercise connection. What may be the culprit is skipping your warmup. If you’re jumping right on the treadmill and running as soon as you get to the gym, then your body may not be able to compensate for the surge in blood flow. The headache may not catch up to you until later in the day so begin incorporating warm ups into your exercise routine to try eliminating these pesky headaches altogether.

Getting your daily dose of exercise in is vital. Doing your exercise the right way is important to your trainer. Touch base with a gym staff member or a personal trainer for hands on tactics that can help you improve your performance in the gym while being more efficient. You’ll see that time spent in the gym is no longer a sacrifice but a way to enhance all the other parts of your life.


Keeping Fit While Pregnant

The old school of thought was that pregnant women shouldn’t exercise because it wasn’t safe for her and not safe for the baby. The exertion could cause problems and potentially hurt the pregnant mother or unborn child. Today we know that moderate exercise and strength training are good for pregnant women and can even make labor and delivery easier, less painful and can speed recovery post delivery.

Some tips to consider as you head into a fresh new routine at your local Lima OH fitness center:

Eat Extra Calories. For most women, there’s no need to overdo it and add sundaes, hamburgers or the like to your diet. Think healthy and balanced, rich in protein and nutrients. About an extra 300 extra calories a day is enough for most pregnant women but check with your healthcare provider before you begin any type of nutrition program.

Stay Away From Contact Sports. If you’re into roller derby, football or soccer then you should consider sports that don’t risk high contact or potentially dangerous activity. In your gym using the treadmill, elliptical, bike or swimming are all safe activities that can help keep you fit. Save the rough housing for post baby time.

Warm Up And Dress Appropriately. Warming up for exercise during pregnancy is just as important as any other time where you would warm up your muscles. While your exercise may not be as strenuous, it’s vital to prepare your body for the exercise that’s coming. And while you’re preparing to head out to the gym, consider dressing in layers of light, breathable cotton that can be removed as you get warmer.

Staying fit will always be important but staying active while pregnant can benefit you and your baby to be with the addition of a more tolerable delivery perhaps.


Getting Motivated And Staying Motivated

Quite often starting an exercise regimen isn’t the challenge, it’s sticking with it and staying motivated to continually show up time and time again. Whatever your choice for Lima OH fitness is-the elliptical, running or a favorite class-there are ways to stay motivated to keep doing what’s best for your body and that’s to stay active.

Change Your Mindset. If you’re looking at exercise with loathing, sacrifice and guile then you’re certain to fail. Thinking like an athlete can be easier and more natural than you think. Set goals and envision what you see yourself doing/being in a matter of months and years. Once you see yourself as an athlete then you’ll start to think like one. And consider that many people are physically unable to be active on a regular basis. An able body is a gift and a passion you should share with your family. Setting a good example for your children, friends and coworkers can encourage them and give you a good dose of reality as you see your example change others lives.

Set A Goal. Whether it be fitting into that swimsuit, running a race or swimming laps non-stop in the pool set a goal for yourself that you can work towards. Start small so you don’t become overwhelmed or discouraged but rather motivated and challenged to keep working.

Stick With A Schedule. Carving time out of your schedule to visit your gym is just as important as a eating and sleeping. A regular time to exercise will quickly become a habit that you won’t skip. You’ll find that the routine will be rewarding as you shed inches, gain confidence and increase your energy.

The benefits of regular exercise are limitless. Visit your local gym to find out how access to your local fitness center will change your life and keep you motivated.


Choosing To Change

Now that school is back in session it’s time for parents who have potentially neglected themselves all summer to check in for some “me time.”

Whether you’ve neglected yourself intentionally or just got overlooked in all of the fun of summer, now that you have some unscheduled time, it’s a good idea to use it and make some valuable additions to your daily routine.

Hit The Gym. Your Lima OH exercise center is just waiting for you to show up. Don’t get bogged down with huge goals, nutrition overhauls or mind bending classes just take it one step at a time. Your local gym is set up for people just like you. People who need to make some time for themselves and know where to go but don’t know what to do. A personal trainer or even a gym representative can give you a tour and show you how to get started. Finding an activity you like won’t be hard just make a point of showing up and then follow your interests.

Focus On Food. While summer crops wind down, maximize flavor and nutrition in your meals and snacks by using fresh produce. Your local farmer’s market or grocery store will have a good variety still. If you have a little time at the beginning or end of each week, then do a little meal planning. Selecting meals and snacks for the week can make shopping easier and eating healthy easier. Think fresh, lean and whole. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be a staple. Lean meats, proteins or meat substitutes can give you a main course to plan the meal around. Whole grains can be a good source of vitamins and fiber. The healthy bulk will help you feel full too.

Don’t Fixate. Whether it be calorie counting or workout minutes don’t fixate on what you aren’t doing. Focus on what your goals are and what you’re getting accomplished and then keep pushing. If you can get your family or a friend on board, even better. You can encourage each other and stay focused on the prize of good health and a little “me time” together. Good health doesn’t happen overnight but making a choice for change can make a radical difference immediately.


How Change Happens

If you’re looking to change your shape, size, weight or even nutrition habits you have the ability to make changes with some guidance. Whether you’re going solo doing Lima OH exercise on your own or meeting with a personal trainer, it’s important to have a plan.

So, where do you start?

Make a Plan. Making clear and concise goals will help you know where you want to go. Start off with smaller, attainable goals that will help build your confidence. Don’t start with making goals that seem unattainable. After a hard workout at the gym you probably won’t notice any weight budging but setting a goal of losing a few pounds in the matter of a week or two and you’ll start checking those goals off of your list. If your goal is more energy, then you’ll likely notice a difference right away. Exercise can boost energy, stamina and even help you sleep better.

Stay Consistent. Expecting radical changes after two workouts is unrealistic. Change comes after consistent hard work. You don’t have to run eight miles every day but finding an activity or activities you can stick with and still challenges you is the way to attain success.

Celebrate Your Success. Whether it’s one pound, one inch or finishing your first race, it’s important to celebrate your accomplishments. Marking these accomplishments will remind you of why you’re working so hard, give you confidence to keep on keeping on and help you continue to accept and chase new challenges. Celebrating may look like a new pair of gym shoes, an extra hour with your personal trainer or something else that will keep you motivated but indulge in those moments.

Making a change can’t be done unless you initiate it and then participate. So give 100% and watch success happen to you.


Summer Nutrition Know How

Keeping your nutrition and calorie intake in check for the summer can be challenging with warm weather barbecues, cold desserts and late nights filling both the menu and the calendar. While some foods can really sabotage your weigh-ins others can boost your daily nutritional intake and help you maintain a healthy weight.

So, what are some foods you should count on for a healthy and flavorful summer?

Summer Fruits. Cantaloupes, watermelon, berries and citrus fruits are plentiful in your local markets. These tasty fruits are full of antioxidants which may combat heart disease and degeneration of the cells while helping to fight off the common cold. They are also fibrous which can help alleviate constipation. If you’re worried about your water intake each day, eating these fruits can help you reach your daily requirement because they are so full of water. These fruits are also low in calories so you can satisfy that sweet tooth with something nutritious that won’t sacrifice your waist line.

Summer Vegetables. Whether it’s kale, peppers, lettuce or squash (take your pick), summer veggies are robust with flavor, vitamins and minerals. You can make a meal out of a squash and salad or complement an entree with a plate full of roasted, grilled or raw vegetables. Whether you season them lightly, grill them profusely, mince or shred they are the perfect mate to any type of food. And while they are in season you’ll be lucky enough to enjoy them at their tastiest.

Summer Protein. You may prefer tofu over a good burger but whatever your preference you can find a lean option that can meet your need for iron and protein. You may know that your lima OH personal training calls for protein to replenish your body after a good work out and can help you stay energized throughout the day.

Finding the right combination of proteins, fruits, vegetables and whole grains can really kick start your nutrition overhaul and keep you feeling great whether at the gym, work or school.


How Teenagers Can Benefit From Regular Exercise

There are a variety of reasons to exercise. As adults, we know that exercising can give us energy, keep us fit and boost our mood. But for teenagers, exercising regularly can seem tedious and unproductive. Those fast burning metabolisms may seem to make sweating off calories in the gym seem unimportant but even for teenagers, there are benefits to regular exercise.

Exercise can improve your skin. The teenage years commonly bring unwelcome acne. Regular exercise that breaks a sweat is a prime time for ridding the skin of toxins. And after you’ve exercised you may notice that your skin has a supple glow to it. For teenagers struggling with self confidence and blemishes on his/her skin, getting a nice glow can really help. Regular exercise can also improve your physical appearance by toning muscles. Whether you’re a boy or a girl, you’ll find that exercise can give you strength and make your muscles appear leaner and toned.

Exercise can give you energy. For teenagers who seem to always be juggling multiple activities, sports, extracurricular activities and part-time jobs, sleep is precious. Getting regular exercise, whether you’re squeezing in a swim, meeting with your Lima OH personal trainer or walking the family dog can give you energy so you can get all of those commitments fulfilled.

Combating Boredom and Stress. Exercise can help you deal with stress in a healthy way. Instead of keeping stress and emotions tucked away inside, exercise can help you release those emotions and often clarify situations you may be thinking about. Exercise can also combat boredom that can accompany bouts of free time. Research has shown that organized sports for teenagers can boost self-confidence and divert attention away from sometimes unhealthy interests or activities.

Those teenage years go by quickly but are bittersweet as childhood bids farewell and adulthood beckons. Making a habit out of regular exercise can make that journey into adulthood easier and healthier. Find an activity or activities that you enjoy doing and then make a habit out of it. It will benefit you for years to come.


Spending Time In The Gym Can Improve Your Endurance

To maintain or enhance endurance can get more difficult as we age. The key is to push yourself in a variety of areas regardless of your age so that it becomes a habit, though. Developing good habits can serve you well at work, school home and at your Lima OH health club.

So, how do you put yourself in a position to set goals and pursue them-building stamina and building endurance?

Make a list. Consider the things you’d like to accomplish create a “to do” list out of them. It may be returning to school, getting yourself to the gym multiple days each week, spending time with friends regularly or getting that promotion but get it down on paper. When we write something down we are committing energy, time and most importantly ourselves, to beginning this process. And research shows that when we write a goal down we are much more likely to pursue it and accomplish it.

Get a friend on board. Whether it be a relative, spouse or friend tell someone about your goals and invite them to help you along the process. You may get a workout buddy commitment, an avid cheerleader or someone to help you talk through your plans but whoever is there to encourage you along the way, keep them up to date and celebrate those accomplishments-both big and small.

Nutrition. Monitor the foods you are eating because it’s absolutely true that you are what you eat. Eating heavily processed foods and high fat foods do little for you nutritionally. But foods that are good nutritionally, like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein foods will nourish and energize you.

Include your family and friends in your lifestyle changes and new goals. They will appreciate that you are trying to live longer and healthier so you can enjoy them longer but may also want to get on board with your changes. It’s important to care for yourself more consistently as you get older. Aging can be difficult but you can make it easier and more adventurous by trying new things and working towards goals that will make and keep you healthy.


Stay In The Gym This Summer For A Primed Metabolism

We all know that regular visits to your local Lima OH fitness center will boost your metabolism. The combination of cardiovascular activity and strength training can up your metabolism making a difference in your physique and how your body manages your food intake.

With summer right on our heels, most of us are thinking swimsuit season. So, how can you boost your metabolism with flavorful summer foods?

Eat lean protein vegetables. Vegetables like kale, spinach, broccoli and red peppers are all bright in color and robust with nutrition. Complement these healthy vegetables with high quality lean protein like chicken, turkey, tofu, fish or eggs. These will keep you feeling fuller longer so you won’t be crashing an hour after you’ve eaten.

Avoid simple simple sugars and sugar burnout. Losing weight can be a real challenge when blood sugar levels are too high and this in turn creates a craving for more sugar. Avoid simple sugars along with artificial sweeteners which sometimes can be low in calories but still create a taste for sweet foods. If you can break the cycle of eating sweets and needing sweets you can replace those empty calories with more nutritious foods.

Aim to maximize digestion. Chew your food well, eat in a calm environment and don’t be in such a rush that you forget to breathe. If you can make the time that you are eating your food maybe not relaxing but at least not hurried and stressful it will aid your entire digestive process.

All of these tips will help promote a functional and improved metabolism worthy of swimsuit weather and all things summer. When you can pick your own fresh foods and cook at home for the healthiest versions of mealtime.


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